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Welcome to BallenIsles Wildlife Foundation


A male and female Sandhill Crane doing a mating dance on BallenIsles East golf course.

Photo by Mary Kirby

A native FL shrub, Beautyberry grows in sunny locations to 6 ft. tall by 5 ft. wide. Its flowers nourish bees in spring/summer, and its berries feed migratory birds like this warbler in fall/winter.

Photo by Peg Urban

The elegant Great Egret, smaller and more svelte than a Great Blue Heron, still has a large wingspan. The male builds a platform from long sticks and twigs up to 100 ft. off the ground often over water, before pairing with a female. Then the pair usually collaborates to finish the 3 ft by 1 ft nest.

Photo by Tresa Marie Joseph

A Moorhen mom tending her baby. Moorhen dads are active participants in the parenting game.

Photo by Mary Kirby

Pelicans are huge water birds with long flat bills and great throat pouches (flat when deflated). They fly in lines with their head hunched back on their shoulders and their long bill resting on their breast. They are buoyant swimmers and feed mostly on fish and small crustaceans.This white pelican was on the 14th hole of the south course.

Photo by Mary Kirby

The Boys: Max (age 8), Louie (age 4), and Pete (age 1) chilling out on their owners' bed. Denise Johnson and Mike McMahon rescued them as kittens from Peggy Adams. All are indoor cats.

Photo by Denise Johnson

This manatee (AKA gentle giant) was photographed last winter in the intracoastal waterway of West Palm Beach, Florida. Manatees can experience stress and even death when water temperatures drop below 68 degrees.

Photo by Jim Bloom


Despite the COVID-19 crisis, nature progresses–unaware. We at the BallenIsles Wildlife Foundation, although very aware, continue to do our best to help injured and/or abandoned animals as well as monitoring our successful Purple Martin breeding season. We hope you enjoy these videos and photos of some of our rescues in March and April 2020. As you walk the pathways and golf courses, please take the time to enjoy and appreciate nature at its best. We wish everyone health and safety.

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